An Open Letter of Rebellion

November 24, 2020

An Open Letter of Rebellion

I get it. It’s hard to be 14.

Between high-pressure college prep, insanely unattainable beauty standards and the constant competition to be 'seen' on Instagram, Teendom is a cacophony of other people's expectations. It's far too easy to lose track of our True North in that sea of chatter...too easy to let our fire fade to smoldering embers.

So to you, my sweet Warrior Girl, I say this: never, ever give up your Wild. 

Shed the chains of impossible standards and you'll carve out the kind of freedom that no one could gift you in a thousand lifetimes. Climb your mountains, set your trails ablaze and dirty your hands in the name of adventure. Strive for wellness instead of perfection and wear every callous and scuff mark with pride. Never wonder if your beauty is enough to catch someone else's eye, my love; your bravery and fierce spirit make you ravishing.

This isn’t just a sanity-saving philosophy, it isn't just kind - it's a life-affirming act of rebellion. Refuse to be complicit in a storyline that would make you out to be anything less than the hero. Stretch out beyond the narrow confines of ‘ideal’ and dangle those strong legs out over the edge of the unknown. Take up that space and more.

And should you ever find yourself beginning to wonder whether you're good enough, re-read this letter until something clicks. You are, and will always be, more than worthy.



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